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Naver Happy log
You can check out the various campains that world share hosts and you can donate ‘bean’ which is the cyber money through Naver.
You can check out business and project news and videos etc. You can also donate directly using ‘DOTORI’ which is Naver’s cyber money.
There are various of informations such as introducing World Share, main business plans and news from overseas. Also, this club is used as a overseas volunteer’s community.
Daum blog
This is a place where you can feel the real need of help from the poverty area by checking out the pictures taken from the area and brief of the local situation.
This is Youtube World Share community. You can check out the videos taken by World Share team from the 3rd world countries in all over the world.
This is the one of the most famous online community in the world. You can check out the current projects that are happening, volunteer works, and the news from the 3rd world countries and communicate with people in the world.
This is an online space that you can make friends anytime by chatting with them within 150 characters. You can be a friend with World Share and communicate with us.