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We World share is to help the world by sharing love and hope. By doing so, we try to pursue the true meaning of being in the world and we send overseas volunteer teams.

We World Share try our best to listen all the local voices so that we can provide the best help possible. Also, we make various volunteer programs according to the particular volunteers who have special talents which leads the effective help to those who in need. We encourage them to understand better by visiting the local area. By doing so, we try to help the volunteers to show their love to those children even though we look different and use different languages.

Depends on the role of the volunteer and the kinds of the program
our volunteer team is divided into Miracle team which is for the general supporters, university team which is the for the university and other kinds of school and company team which is for the company or other kinds of group (such as church). Depends on the specialty of the program, there are 1-3weeks short programs and long program which is more than 3 months. This diversity of program allows us to help the children in many different aspects such as educational programs, cultural exchange program, effort of volunteer program and medical program.

*we provide the letter of the confirmation of volunteering to the all the participants who attend the volunteer work.

If you would like to be a part of a volunteer team, please read the introduction of the program which is posted on our web site every year and send the application form to us. Please contact us through home-page or on 82(Korea country code)-2-2683-9300 for any inquires.