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How does the financial support that we World Share received from the members used?
The financial support that we receive is used for supporting each child 35,000 Won every month. This support allows children to continue to have a meal everyday and an opportunity to study so that they can discontinue the poverty that has passed to generation to generation. The financial support is used for helping the children’s tuition fee, their stationeries and the food supplies and so on.

Currently, the World Share is connected with the children in 18 different countries where suffer from the poverty (12 Asia conturies : China- Korean Chinese, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh/ 6 Africa countries: Mozambique, Somalia, Uganda , Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia).

The process of getting connected with the children.
Below are the descriptions of the process.

The guide for the supporter
Help the children to remember your name!
Getting connected with children means on-going communication with the children. The children will remember you in their heart if you remain as their friend and support for a long time. Therefore, a lot of them often say that they want to be somebody like you in the future. Please be their supporter at least 1 year once you have started to be their supporter.

It is hard for the children to wait for a long time.
Those who are in poverty situation, they get a lot of various opportunities through the financial support they receive from you. Therefore, it is important for them to receive the support on a regular basis and we discontinue the commitment from the supporter who did not continue to support the children for 6 months. Please take extra care for your commitment as it is directly related to the children’s wellbeing.

The disconnection with the children that you support could happen
We do our best for you and the children to have an on-going communication and contact. However, sometimes it is possible that we need to discontinue the support under the certain circumstances such as the children or their family is moving and the local situation in or around the group home etc. In this rare case, we introduce you the child/children who do not have a supporter so that they can have a chance to have a hope as others do.

We want to know about you!
If you change your address, contact details or any other information, please let us know so that we can continuously send you the information about the child that you support. If possible, please write a letter to the child that you support so that they can get to know you better. The children will remember you in their heart and feel loved and secure.

We provide you the tax-deductable receipt.
For you to have a benefit from the tax system, we provide you the tax-deductable receipt. (this will be sending to all the supporter at one time)

The way to get closer to the child?

Writing a letter to the child
You can send and receive the letter with the child that you help.
You can write a letter-> Send it to the World Share-> We send it to the local area (group home) where the child live-> The child will write it back-> We receive the letter from the child-> Sending the letter from the child to the supporter Sending the money gift for the children for the special occasion We have a campaign to send the money gift for the children when the time gets closer to Christmas (the end of the year). We try to avoid sending the gift personally to the particular child as there are a lot of children who live in a group home and children who do not receive the gift might feel a sense of incompatibility. Please send the money gift to the children with your heart.

Visiting the area that the children your support live
-Participating the program: it is the program that you can meet the children in person by visiting their local area. We select 1 or 2 countries per year and organize this event. The country we visit is different every year. Also the supporters who visit the local area will do some volunteer work in there for the community. (The entire cost for each supporter is wholly their responsibility and the schedule will be on the website and in the information brochure later on).
-The personal trip to meet the child that you support: if you would like to go to that country and the local area personally, please let us know 1 month in advance, we will try to organize your meeting with the local helpers so that you can meet the child.