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When the university overseas volunteers went to the Kenya in Africa, they saw the children who were drinking the water where all the animals were in. They could not stop crying and said sorry to those children.

Likewise, the children in the local area in Africa still bring the big bottle on their shoulder and walk to 4 to 8 hours to get some water from the river. Teenage girls can’t even go to school because of the work to get some water to feed their family members. Moreover, the water they get is contaminated water which causes them all kinds of disease results in death of nearly 5,000 children per day.

Therefore, World share is getting involved within this program called United Nations Millennium Development Goals (from UN). The goal of this program is to help at least half of the population to have clean water and use the proper toilet facilities and dig 1,000 wells in all around the world. To be able to do this we are investing the area through the partnership in each countries and this will impact on reducing the unnecessary medical expenses from the disease caused by contaminated water. Also this will bring the economical benefits from 3 to 34times better than current situations.

The kinds of business
The business of digging the well.
Helping people to use the water by digging the well in every local area.

Building a reservoir and small dam