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What is Group Home System?
There are a lot of children who lost their parents and are suffering from all the difficult situations due to abuse, neglecting and family issues. And it is hard for them to grow up in a normal and safe environment. Therefore, they need a place to stay like home and raised with love. However, the institution that they used to live before was not able to provide them the love and caring they need but just food and clothes. The group home is to provide a place like home for the children and teenager who in need and this facilities is designed for the each individual’s specific needs.

Also, this group home allows those children to be able to get connections and feel secure with others like family members. This home looks also like any other household we can see which allows children to feel safe and not worry about being judged by others in the community. In addition, our goal from the this house is to making sure that those children are going up in a happy and secure environment and become a great part of a member in the society and help ohters in a natural and normal way.

The purpose of World share group homes
The grouphome is designed to be like a real ‘home’ so that children in needs who are staying there do not feel the are not normal or anything but to feel like home and loved by people and God. They also share their love with other children who stay there like brothers and sisters. In general, the 1 supporter whose role is a mother lives in with about 5 children and help them with basic needs (cooking, clothing and cleaning) and support their basic educations. Also, the purpose of world share is to help the children to be raised and be a part of member in a community and become a leader in the society in God’s name and become a part of helping next generation.

WS Group Home BI

The steps to build a group home
Select the country
The criteria to select the country
- The country where got damaged due to natural disease
- The country where got the natural disease due to the war
- The country has low income due to the famine and poverty

The recruit employees for running the group homes.
The requirements
- The person who is planning to stay or have been stayed in the particular contury / who has a experience of running the facility or is running the facility.
- People who are suitable for that role.
Select the people who can run the facility
The criteria
- Checking the applications
- Conducting the Interviews

Checking the local area for the building a group homes
Checking list
- The suitability of the area
- The ability of the selected applicant
- The suitability of the situation in the local area
- Decision to be made considering all the situation

Appoval of the business
- Processing the approval within the commitees
- Write a business agreement letter
- Commence the business

The 4 steps of running the business
01 providing the suitable environment for the children (food, clothing and house environment)
- Providing the clothes .
- providing the food.
- providing the house environment which is upto the mid class level of house hold. 02 Education to change their mind for the better
- Educate the children to get rid of the poor mind and have a peacful and joyful mind that God has given them. ? Give them a direction and hope for the future.

03 Support them to go to elementary, middle and high school.
- Educate them in a school where has a higher than average level of quality education.

04 Educate them as a leader
- Educate them to have a leader mentality and hope to be a great leader in the society.