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Every 5 seconds, there are children who die because of the famine disease.
The small help from you can make the differences in the world!

World share is helping people who suffer from poverty and disaster without borders.
Currently, there are many projects that we are working on and those are 20 group homes, community development programs, medical support programs and getting connected the children with supporters for the orphans in 3rd world countries. Also we are recognized as a non-governmental organization (NGO) from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trades.

In 2010, we are currently running 30 projects.
World share contact and communicate with the people who work for the government and all the projects in each 3rd world countries and support the children in need effectively. The projects are improving the water system to provide a clean water, Medical programs to stop and prevent the disease like Malaria and Aids, Building group homes for orphans for their living and education, Getting connected between supporters and children in need and support them, Volunteering overseas work for the adults who have passions for helping people.
Also, we sent emergency teams all over the world (Thailand, Sri lanka, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, China) to help those who were suffering from the natural disaster like tsunami and earthquake. We are working on the many projects (such as medical support, emergency help, developing community etc) to help those who in need. We are the NGO who follows all the international standards in regards to support and develop people and community, we will continue to do this journey with you.